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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 12 December 2015 - M. Ravi's case referred to Apex court

Today is the birthday of my niece born 12.12.12! Bring young gal growing up fast! <3 p="">
"M. Ravi's case referred to Apex court - The Straits Times 12 December 2015

Suspended human rights lawyer M. Ravi will be dealt with by a Court of Three Judges after admitting to four misconduct charges before a disciplinary tribunal.

Mr Ravi, 45, is being probed as a non-practising lawyer as he was suspended in February because his fitness to practise was impaired by his mental condition, diagnosed as a bipolar disorder. His certificate has not been renewed since then.

The tribunal, comprising Senior Counsel Molly Lim and lawyer Steven Seah, was appointed by the Chief Justice. It said that in the case of a non-practising lawyer, its task is limited to finding if the charges are sufficiently serious to have it referred to the Court of Three Judges.

The tribunal, in its report released yesterday, said a prima facie case had been established against Mr Ravi since he had "pleaded guilty to the four charges and his mental condition as per the evidence of Dr (Tommy) Tan (a psychiatrist) does not exculpate him for his various acts of misconduct but are mitigating factors only"."

Interesting title for Mr Ravi: 'Human Right Lawyer'. Looks like he is the one who will normally take up cases against the government that no lawyer in his or her right mind will take for fear of, real or imaginary, damaging their career in a government friendly system! Q. Is this TRUE?

Lessons for me are:

1. this case is pretty messy. Mr Ravi was diagnosed to be 'mental unfit for duty as a lawyer'. Some argued is this for the specific period when he did not take the medically dutifully as prescribed by his medical doctor(s) or for the remaining of his professional career?;

2. can he, one with diagnosed bipolar condition can practice laws when he dutifully takes the prescribed medicines? If not do it mean that people with this bipolar condition CANNOT be allowed to do anything useful or become a professional person?;

3. where does this case lead Mr Ravi to? No more laws to practice? Cannot be called a 'human right lawyer' anymore? who else  will take his place then in Singapore?

Questions, questions, questions. Will there be answers? Hope so. In due course?

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