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Monday, November 30, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 28-29 November 2015 - Against Terrorism and 'Killing the Children of Terrorists'?

You cannot BEAT the COLD/FLU BUG! I was down and out yesterday from it! This despite after downing tons of cold/flu medication! Am glad I am back in circulation today!

1. "In the wake of Paris attacks, Singapore religious leaders condemn terrorism - CNA 29 Nov 2015

SINGAPORE: About a hundred religious and community leaders gathered on Sunday (Nov 29) to condemn acts of terror and violence, in the wake of the Paris attacks.

The leaders from more than 50 religious groups also signed a declaration condemning acts of terror. They said silent prayers for terror attack victims and their loved ones as well. The gathering was organised by Muslim leaders in Singapore.

"I've been extremely touched by the gathering that's been organised, to remember all the victims of terrorism, the recent ones in Paris but in many other tragic events and to reflect on these acts of terror,” said France’s ambassador to Singapore Benjamin Dubertret. “I think it's both very comforting to see this gesture of peace and solidarity. It's also meaningful as a message to everyone."

Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Defence Dr Maliki Osman said: "We see how our young were influenced by the rhetoric of ISIS, and how a couple of them were identified, and the ones who notified the authorities are their friends, their friends and family members. So we need to continue to engage every segment of society who are influential,” he explained."

The OFFICIAL mourning of the terrible Paris Terrorists Attacks on 13 Nov 2015 Friday when more than 130 lives were killed took place in Paris and around the world.

It is WONDERFUL to see this particular session being organized by Muslims leaders in Singapore. The peaceful majority Muslims MUST be seen ALWAYS speaking out against those who killed innocent people in the name of their great religion, Islam. EACH and EVERY TIME it happened, EACH and EVERY TIME they have to be seen speaking out AGAINST those murderous minority!

It is a BIG responsibility to shoulder. NO ONE else has MORE legitimate right than the peaceful Muslims majority!

That the leaders of more than 50 religions were at the memorial ceremony is a good sign. That such barbaric and dastardly act CANNOT, and will NEVER, be condoned by any religion, and person!

2. "Heard on the news about a certain ex-NMP Calvin Cheng's idea of killing the children of the terrorists to stop them from taking revenge" and that it interesting to put this right after the news piece shard above in item 1.

I happened to be listening to 93.8 while Mr Calvin Cheng was interviewed on his controversial passing remarks that created a furore in the cyber space and social media when many condemned his 'outrageous' comments and some even termed them as 'hate speech'.

I don't know who Mr Cheng was and did not know he was an ex-NMP and an Oxford-trained person. He described himself as a 'right winger' and believes that 'the original human is evil'. Hence, there is need to make sure that 'human being BEHAVE properly'. With such a belief about human nature, it is totally understandable why he would suggested such a drastic action though he protested that he did not meant to say: 'kill the children of terrorists to prevent them from taking revenge' literally. It was just to stir some debates on how to 'curb the spread of terrorism from young people', or something to that effect.

Whatever his intention, it is clear from my perspectives that IF we can CORRECTLY identify who are the 'children of terrorists' and we plunged them from the terrorists from YOUNG, 'nurture' can definitely prevent the YOUNG from being RADICALIZED, brainwashed and become terrorists. However, IF the young had been INDOCTRINATED since birth with the mission of killing non-believers of his/her own religion, NURTURE will be very DIFFICULT. Probably the COSTs will far outweighed the BENEFITs!

The way to deal with the MINORITY of terrorists are to bring them to justice whenever we can. For the majority of the so-called terrorists, most are just blind followers in a certain stage of mind, a certain experiences, and vulnerable in emotion. IF the peaceful Muslims MAJORITY can resolve MANY of those 'hot-bedding' conditions, the 'majority of the undecided minority radicals or to be radicals' will NOT fall into that trap.

My belief is always: It is an Islam issue that ONLY the people of Islam can solve it. Will the MAJORITY of the peaceful Muslims take up the cause, only they can decide.

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