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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 04 November 2015 - Still at GE2015??!!

"PAP’s election win more narrow than it seems: Ong Ye Kung - CNA 4 November 2015

“If you look in terms of percentage in hotly contested areas, there is no 10 per cent swing. It’s about 5. And given SG50 and the Lee Kuan Yew effect ... I don’t think it’s a victory so jubilant to be celebrated," says the newly-elected Acting Minister for Education."


"How the opposition was 'blown away' at GE2015: Academics weigh in - CNA 4 Nov 2015

"Pragmatic" voters flocked to the tried-and-tested People’s Action Party, Singaporean academics theorised at an Institute of Policy Studies conference."

LOL! So, the headlines of the local press is STILL on GE2015!!??!!

Lessons for me are:

1. I am glad that the acting Minster of Education (Tertiary and Lifelong Learning), Ong is recognizing the 'superlative euphoria' about how PAP has blown the opposition away WHEN from my perspective, PAP simply WON BACK the total popular votes lost in GE2011, is NOT REALLY a victory that deserved all these accolades showered on PAP. At least HIS ASSESSMENT is in line with mine! Does that make me ministerial materials? Of course NOT. Just happy to note that an acting cabinet minister sees what I see!;

2. as for the academics' theory that 'pragmatic' voters flocked to the tried-and-tested PAP is somewhat right given that just weeks before the GE2015, the stock markets around the world TANKED big time, things are NOT LOOKIG UP, etc. it just explained part of the many other reasons raised by many since the conclusion of GE2015.

Other worthy candidates for causing the oppositions to lose the popular votes share are: a. WP handling of the troublesome AHPETC's accounts which it somehow 'trivialized' and 'kept playing the We-were-the-victims' card; b. PAP HAS changed MANY policies that truly irked the voters big time in GE2011 thanks to the WP's win in the Aljunied GRC; c. the SG50 gifts (though I am not sure the SG50 Notes Set was THAT much of a great idea!); d. the LKY-effect; and e. the 'absence of by-election effect' as the oppositions CONTESTED ALL the electoral constituencies!

3. FOR ME, again I reiterate what I had said/written right after the conclusion of GE2015, it is in the PAST, let's look forward and MOVE FORWARD. Will Singapore politics evolve to the so-called NEXT STAGE of 'multi-party' coalition government? I am NOT SURE if it is DESIRED in this stage of our nationhood. What work is: a MINORITY of credible OPPOSITION MPs in the parliament to provide CHECK-and-BALANCE to the dominant PAP MPs and PAP itself to do what will BENEFIT the majority of Singaporeans regardless of their political affiliation.

Can we move on NOW? The 'Future Committee' and what they can come up with will be my focus in the next 6 months!

Akan datang. Let's watch this space!!

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