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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Daily Lessos from Life 12 October 2015 - Government Critics sabotaging ...

"Two Malaysian government critics charged with sabotage - CNA 12 October 2015

A Malaysian whistle-blower and his lawyer detained for their efforts to expose allegations of corruption against the prime minister were charged with attempting to "sabotage" the banking sector."

Interesting charges. Wonder what they would have done to Edward Snowden, the ex-employee and current fugitive of a certain USA organization!

Anyway, this foreign saga has been going on for quite a while now. Most of the reasonably sensible learned people in that part of the world, and the outside world, which the 'culprit or culprits' does/do not seem to care much, are very much amused at the type of 'excuses' and 'reasons' offered to explain the many oddities that had occurred in that troublesome investment vehicle.

The ordinary people have spoken. The royalties have spoken. The Central Bank has spoken. That this and that have ALL spoken. Yet, steadfastly some people SIMPLY refute all these as untruth, non-sense, fabrication, 'wild dream', and NOW: 'sabotage'!

Whatever happened, happened. Whatever will be, will be.

If this commentary is too cryptic to read or understand, it was done in purpose. Commenting on a neighbour's going on is just no wise. At the same time, pretending nothing happened is also a very difficult way to teach the kids what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'.

So, best to send out something cryptic and let people decipher and conclude for themselves. A tragedy or a farce or just the way it is.


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