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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 26 September 2015 - Pope and Head of State

1. "Thai police lead key suspects to Bangkok bomb site for re-enactment - CNA 26 Sept 2015

Police in Thailand led two suspects to the scene of last month's Bangkok bomb blast for a re-enactment of their alleged crimes on Saturday, a day after police said one of the men was responsible for planting the bomb that killed 20 people."

Most people will be elated to learn of the capture of the murderous terrorists who killed 20 innocent persons in a senseless and cowardice act in Bangkok last month. May the truth be told and the authorities can trace and learn from this success to prevent future occurrence.

If these cowards said they did it in the honour of their religion, let them be judged by their own religious followers when they GET their due sentence according to the Thai laws and laws against terrorists. Let's NOT dishonour their religion as SURELY NO proper religion will EVER advocate killing of the innocents as an 'honourable act'! Period!!

2. "Pope in Philadelphia on final leg of US tour - CNA 26 Sept 2015

Pope Francis arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday (Sep 26) for the final leg of his triumphal tour of the United States, with hundreds of thousands expected to turn out for his weekend visit focused on families.

This AFTER his address at the UN Assembly and the Joint Congress/Senate Session in Capital Hill (I think)!

I have written about this Pope in the past; that he is a FRESH AIR that breeze through the Catholic faith, structure and tradition. The corruption, the sexual violation against young boys and girls by SOME of the Catholic priests and officials, the relaxation on need for contraception under reasons, etc. are ALL bold moves.

Is he a religious person or a political person? I think he has more authenticity as a religious person. As a head of state is just some extra title that he can do without.

It is STRANGE to put the so-called Islamic terrorists (an insult to the great religion of Islam I am SURE MOST Muslims will say) and the once-upon-a-time Catholic fighters in UK (Ireland?) side-by-side and compare. It will be interesting to learn what type of possible conclusions may the Ordinary People around the world will make about these 2 religions?

I advocate the stance of promoting: 'how well your religion is by all means BUT NEVER put down or debased the religion of others!'. Just present the facts about YOUR religion and let others judge on their own independent minds.

So, I will not say how good Religion A is better than Religion B or how bad is Religion B vs how good Religion A is!

Is this escapism? No. Just that NOBODY will win IF the debate is about which religion is better than the others! In religion, if you believe, then it is true. If not, then it is not! Logic has no business in this matter. It is ALL pure and raw EMOTION!

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