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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Daily Lessons from Life 28 September 2014 - Protests in Sgp and Hong Kong?

"Special needs children heckled by CPF protestors at Hong Lim Park- AsiaOne Sunday, Sep 28, 2014

SINGAPORE - A group of special needs children, who were performing on stage at Hong Lim Park on Saturday afternoon, were disrupted by a group protesting against the CPF. The incident occurred at a charity carnival organised by YMCA and attended by Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck. The Return Our CPF rally was held simultaneously on the same day."


"Tear gas fired at chaotic Hong Kong democracy protests - AFP Sunday, Sep 28, 2014

HONG KONG - Police fired tear gas as tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators brought parts of central Hong Kong to a standstill Sunday, in a dramatic escalation of protests that have gripped the semi-autonomous Chinese city for days."

Lessons for me are:

1. S'pore case - there is NO EXCUSE for those who encroached into the other event and FRIGHTENED the special needs children performers. Period!! No 'if' or 'but' or whatever!!

The offending group MUST issue an APOLOGY clearly and UNEQUIVOCALLY to the other event organizers and especially the special needs children performers!!

This is the ONLY viable PR damage control, and DECENT THING, to do!

All other 'reasons' will be taken as excuses and stupid ones too by the NEUTRAL.

e.g. holding 2 events at the HLP had been done before without INCIDENT!
e.g. conspiracy theories simply EXPOSED how naive and 'brainless' Ms Han's group had acted!

2. Hong Kong case

This one is serious. When the police used pepper sprays on the students protesters, the PUBLIC find a reason to get involved!

This can escalate and if TOMORROW Hong Kong opens for business and the protesters are STILL there, it will be interesting to see how it will end!

Personally I expect it NOT to be pretty! Hong Kong's master is NOT a social democratic sovereign like Singapore. It is a one-party government and the leadership is fighting a massive anti-corruption war on many of the 'old powerful' and it does not need any excuses for the 'die hard' hardliners to agitate for stronger measures. Measures that will likely lead to the infamous, never-really-happened Tiananmen June 4th crackdown even if it means marking its reign with this black mark! The stakes are simply too big to compromise.

Will the veteran rights activists like Martin Lee and Emily, etc be prepared to shed blood to fight for this democratic election of the Hong Kong SAR chief?

Let's see. (Or maybe the protesters had already been removed by now so that tomorrow Commercial Hong Kong is business as usual! What 'Occupy Central' movement? Never seen it! 

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