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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daily Lessons from Life 11 July 2014 - Penguins?

"Local writers pull out of NLB events over kids books controversy - ST 11 July 2014

Writers Gwee Li Sui, Adrian Tan, Prem Anand and Felix Cheong are pulling out of their panel Humour Is Serious Business which was supposed to be at 2.30pm on July 13 at the Central Public Library. "We are humorists, which is why we, of all people, know when it's not funny anymore," Gwee, 43, wrote on Facebook."

The humorists have lost their sense of humours about the decision to pull 3 'LGBT' themed children books from the National Library Board libraries!

Lessons for me are:

1. we all need to chill about such 'controversies' in today's Singapore. Given this craze to be heard when so-called 'wronged', we should expect to witness more and more of such 'actions by the other side'! It is ok to just listen to what they have to say AFTER you have done your best to speak out. They need to attack your arguments and neither do you need to attack theirs. It is for the DISCERNING public to make their own judgement!;

b. as long as it is not life and death literally, though it could indeed lead to that dire situation since LGBT couples could not pro-create naturally, everything can be raised, discussed, and debated. There is NO need to drive the 'differing' view and people to a point of 'I need to DEFEND myself against U!' The reverse if true that the LGBT advocates need not insist everyone be like them;

3. specifically on the children books: can any authoritative person(s) or organization(s) informed us what are the potential influence to the kids IF they had read these 'controversial' books - short and long term? Many pro this particular NLB action of withdrawing the 3 LGBT-themed books seemed to think that these books will 'influence the young kids' to be more relax and even be interested to keep the LGBT lifestyle! The key question to ask is: is this true? If not, perhaps it is just another children book.

Of course, the suggestion that these 3 'banned' books be in the adult session and not lent to the kids bear consideration.


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