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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daily Lessons from Life 01 July 2013 - The Power of a Judge!

Met up with my HJC classmates as one of them visit Singapore from the USA tonight. Great group of folks to be with and I am thankful we are still connecting well whenever we meet up! More good years!! "Read about a road rage offender getting his sentence reduced from 8 or 9 months to 2 weeks by a judge while the Court of Appeal judges rejected the application of 'not guilty' plea by the infamous multi-million medical consultation fee charged by one Dr Susan Lim with cost and makes me green with envy on the POWER of a judge and judges! As it is a sensitive area, I will not venture too far except to comment that: 1. being a judge is quite powerful; 2. good to have some judges overseeing the judgement of other judges in an appeal process where application; 3. something not easily comprehensible by the ordinary folks who use common sense to understand if things are right or wrong. Guessed that's why they need lawyers!?"

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