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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Daily Lessons from Life 16 February 2011 - Indian PM fights 'lame duck' tag in TV fightback

"Wed, Feb 16, 2011 AFP - Indian PM fights 'lame duck' tag in TV fightback

NEW DELHI - Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Wednesday he was "dead serious" about fighting high-level corruption as he staged a televised fightback after a run of debilitating scandals.

The 78-year-old Singh took to the airwaves to face a live grilling from Indian news editors, in a risky move designed to combat months of bad publicity undermining his "Mr Clean" reputation.

Singh, the pioneer of India's dramatic economic reforms, accepted corruption had damaged his government and acknowledged that some people were now calling him a "lame duck".

"I regret that these irregularities have happened, they should not have happened," he said during the 75-minute inquisition, most of which he spent on the back-foot.

Singh kick-started India's economic revolution 20 years ago when he introduced reforms as finance minister that cut bureaucracy and opened up the country to foreign investment.

He was then the surprise choice as prime minister when Congress returned to power in 2004, going on to win a second term in 2009 with a convincing election victory."

Mr. Clean for 20 years and then became corrupted or unable to stop corruption by other folks who worked under him? If he is indeed corrupt, does it confirmed that most human being will become corrupt when he or she is in power for too long? Is that why in the USA they only allowed for 2-consecutive 5-year terms for President? Do they know better than most believers of 'benign authoritarian rules'?

Lessons for me are:

1. I hope he is not as 'vilified' by the India press. Nevertheless, some polls showed that Indians believed corruption is at the all time high and that many believed the government is NOT serious about curbing it! So, he better be 'dead serious' about stopping this decay!;

2. when leader is not clear that the key reason for being a national leader is to serve the majority of the people without any selfish motive, he or she is likely to be doomed at the end if he or she wants to be around for more than 10 years! If you allowed selfishness to be the root of your service, it will destroy you slowly but surely;

3. is there no way out? No. There is a way out. It involves reminding oneself why you want to be leader in the 1st place. Then devising ways and surrounding yourself with people who are righteous and not afraid to tell you when you have vie off-course. e.g. limiting your terms to 10 years max regardless of how 'great you might had been', mandating your family and relatives and friends NOT to ask you of ANY favour regarding business and laws and orders, declare your wealth voluntarily and unreservedly so the majority of the people know that you have NOTHING TO HIDE!! Naked truth is good here!

May Mr. Singh be cleared. May he has the strengths and supports from like-minded people to get rid of the cancerous cell that is called: corruption! Soon...

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