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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 29 April 2010 - Thailand Warns International Community

29 April 2010 Thailand warns international community not to meddle in its political affairs

JAKARTA: Thailand Thursday warned the international community not to meddle in its political affairs as anti-government Red Shirts called for EU observers on the streets of Bangkok.

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya told reporters after meeting his Indonesian counterpart, Marty Natalegawa, that the Thai government was "in control" of the situation and did not need foreign assistance.

"There is no need for international intervention at this point in time," Kasit told a press conference when asked if Thailand needed outside help to deal with its political turmoil. "I think we're very much in control of the situation and it's still very much an internal affair of Thailand." "

It has turned bloody. It is getting no closer to a proper closure. This political deadlock of the rural voters vs. the city elites who were voters too.

It is a sad sad situation. "The Land of the Smiles" smiled no more - at least not now and not until this impasse is unlocked. Peacefully or with more bloodshed!

Lessons for me are:

1. as leaders, when push comes to shove, one must ready the troops for the ultimate sacrifice. Do the sum. Go for the worst scenario. Communicate, communicate, communicate so that when the inevitable price to pay come, there is no surprise. No one can turnaround to accuse you of not spelling out the terms, not sparing every effort to warn people of the consequences, not luring the oppositions that death can be the price if the standoff persist, not withholding the consequences to the majority who were held ransom or hostage by the protesters' action;

2. let the people know the young and the old and the women that ring the protesters will be taken down. That the responsibility rests with the people who put these vulnerable folks at risk knowingly. That 'enough is enough' message is for real. That the greater benefits of the people immediately inconvenienced and the nation's long term reputation must take precedent. When these are done, those that get taken down will know it is not for lack of trying.

3. while I sounded hawkish, I am. At the same time, these are all theoretical as only the Thai people can decide what will become of this long drawn affairs. Surely there are conflict of interests between the 2 main groups of supporters. If they can think as one big family, maybe there will be a chance for peaceful resolution.

International community must not get involved with an internal affairs. When sufficient warnings are given and significant efforts expanded to disperse the young, the old and the weak before the onslaught. There is no need for appall. It is how it has to be. People must continue with their rat race and make their living. Political protests or whatever no withstanding. When it boiled over, it is also game over!

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