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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 25 April 2010 - Would You Pay S$30k for Your Final Resting Place?

Came across this news report in Singapore on a 6-Star Final Resting Place and have the following thoughts to share:

1. First of all the answer is: No. I would not pay S$30k for my final resting place as my final resting place will be everywhere where people remember me - in their heart!;

2. I do not understand many of the rituals for a person who passed on from this world to another though I respect whatever the family of the deceased want to do, even if they are also merely following whatever the 'professionals' were telling them to do. It is a matter of peace of mind. Especially if the newly departed left words on how she or he want it done!;

3. for me, I will probably cremate myself. Maybe spread some of the ashes around the land or in the sea. Maybe the rest will go into my final resting place, whichever it may be. Or when I seriously thought about it some time in the future - hopefully after I pass 60 or 70 or even 80 if I am still healthy! Do I need a nice 6-star place so when anyone visit me, after I am gone, get a nice ambiance, or that I get a nice ambiance? I think it is futile to think about it as I will never know - for sure anyway. Or even if I do, I will probably give the people on earth a big fright should I appeared and informed them so! ;-)

Life and death is a natural cycle that each human being has to go through. I like to spend my living days doing good and enjoy myself thoroughly. That will be more meaningful.

In the meantime, the 6-star thingy will not get my money! ^_@

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