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Monday, March 29, 2010

Lessons from Life 29 March 2010 - Moscow attacks by female suicide bombers: security service

"Moscow attacks by female suicide bombers: security service - Mon, Mar 29, 2010 AFP, Reuters

MOSCOW, March 29, 2010 (AFP) - The twin blasts on the Moscow metro that killed dozens of people Monday were carried out by female suicide bombers, Russia's FSB security service said.

'According to preliminary information, both blasts have been executed by female suicide bombers,' a FSB spokesman told AFP.

According to the latest toll, the twin blasts on the Moscow metro Monday killed 35 people and injured 33."

No group has claimed this horrific act yet but suspicion has been cast on Northern Caucasus of Russia where the government is fighting a rising Islamist insurgent group. The last massive suicide attack was in 2004 carried out by Muslim Chechen suicide bomber to

It is almost invariably linked to Muslim with such suicide bombing incidents. Maybe the Muslims are faithful to their belief and that it is the ultimate act of holiness to die for the cause of Muslim. Martyn as they are known. They are supposedly welcome to Heaven as heroes and heroines.

Lessons for me, more precisely, questions for me to ponder, are:

1. the power of religion can be overpowering. Rationality is cast aside when the emotion is aroused and spin out of control. In a trance or frenzy state, the mind cannot recognize death but mistaken it as 'life in heaven'. When the enemies are not afraid of death, no opposition can withstand the direct frontal onslaught!;

2. I do not know enough about the cause of the insurgency for the Russian North Caucasus, so I will not speculate. I just want to understand how ordinary people can just go and blow themselves up and taking innocent lives with them without any remorse or respect? Maybe they were lied to and thought they were doing something else? Or they really look forward to this 'death' mission with glee?;

3. how does killing innocent people, many of whom probably don't know or don't give a damn to what the struggle between the North Caucasus people and Kremlin is all about? It will only fan disgust and hatred for those who lost their loved ones toward the murderers and their causes.

This type of conflict is something I cannot understand. It has happened elsewhere in Palestine, in Pakistan, in Indonesia, in USA, and now in Russia. What is it about the religion of Muslim that people used it to wage such a inhuman and tragic 'war' against its perceived enemies? Could they not do it without sacrificing a suicide bomber? Could them not do it via peaceful means?

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