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Monday, March 22, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 22 March 2010 - Tiger Wood's Interview on His Comeback

I watched the interview with Tiger Wood's on ESPN a little while ago on his comeback at the Master.

He appeared to be more relaxed and made a good impression on me with his mostly sincere, and sometimes guarded, responses to the interviewer.

Lessons for me are:

1. he seems to recognize the damages done and hurt inflicted on the people he loved, the people he work with, the fans, especially the many young people around the world, who looked up to him due to his 'public image', sincerely;

2. he was honest in relating how hard and difficult and painful it was for him to look at himself nakedly stripping away the denial, the justification, and the sense of "I am entitled to this 'other' lifestyle as I have made it" to his wife and his mother - the 2 persons he loved most;

3. he has no illusion about the comeback as playing golf again does not mean he no longer need out-patient treatment for his immediately troubled past. He said he will have to continue to work with his wife to repair the relationship and the people he worked with;

4. there are lots of apprehension and uncertainties about how he will be received by his professional golfers, the fans, and the public. He is realistic that he will hopefully receive some supports and appreciation.

He had taken the low road to infamy and disgrace for his transgression. He has faced the music or even the thirty firing squads around the world with utter humiliation. He has paid the price. He had admitted his mistakes. It is time to move on.

As it is really between his wife and him, I wish him well on the marriage.

As he is a public figure who influenced a lot of young people, I wish him well on rehabilitating himself and earning back the trust from those who were shocked and felt being cheated.

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