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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 16 March 2010 - Seized:Poisonous salt passed off as table salt in China

"Beijing, March 16, 2010 - About 2.5 tons of industrial salt, which some people may have been trying to sell as table salt, was seized by the Beijing mercantile enforcement supervision office recently according to Beijing Times.

An official from the office refused to reveal any details about the incident.

The seized industrial salt was in packages bearing the brand of the Beijing Salt Industry Corporation. A kilogram package of the seized salt was reportedly selling for 1.5 yuan, half the usual market price.

'Our company stopped producing one-kilogram packages of salt in May 2008 but some unscrupulous sellers still use our old packaging for industrial salt,' said an employee surnamed Shi from the Beijing Salt Industry Corporation.

The people who consumed such salt run the risk of possible life-threatening poisoning!"

Unfortunately another case of unethical and totally callous 'business people' who just want to make money at all cost to their consumers in China!! Much can be said and reported on the remarkable progresses made by the Chinese economy and all that, it does not change the fact that some Chinese are simple murderers disguising in the clothes of merchants!!

Lessons for me are:

1. it is great progress to read about such malpratices in the press and reassuring to the public that the law enforcing authorities are continuing their tireless fight to eradicate such instances from happening! It will not be an easy task considering the vastness of the country for sure but it must continue;

2. when 'normal' merchadises are sold at 'too-good-a-price', one must become suspicious though the smarter ruthless 'murderers disguised as merchants' will price their wares at market price or even 'at a premium' price to throw consumers off the thought of 'being suspicious of cheap products'! When the deal is too good to be true, it probably is;

3. enforcement of such offences must be as ruthless as the crime the culprits committed. Disregard for the consumers' safety and heatlh does not deserve misplaced sympathy. The perpetrators, if convicted after a fair and just hearing, must be made to pay for their callous attitude on selling industrial salt that is poisonous as table salt!! No mercy should be considered. Tough love is the way to go! Make them pay for it. In this way, others who may want to try their lucks will thing thrice of committing such an irresponsible actions!

May the poisonous salt found be destroyed and that no consumer suffered deaths due to this unforgiveable act.

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