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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 13 March 2010

Well, I will not make any comments on today's news headline. Instead I like to share my wonderful day today!

I woke up early after a call from my mum who enquired about the type of foods we like to have as she planned to visit us.

So, I said I will take her out and my 4th auntie out for breakfast instead as the kids and wife are occupied.

It turned out that my 4th auntie and was paying respect to my 1st uncle who passed away through illness 2 years ago with my 1st auntie and her children, daughter-in-law, and the grand children.

So, we went over to the temple instead. It was good to pay respect to my 1st uncle who was a good decent man. It was great to see my 1st auntie as well whom I looked upon like my grandma (who passed away while I was very young) as mum treated 1st auntie like her mum. Notes: In the Chinese family, the eldest child become the parents figure if the parents have passed over.

After the ceremony, they went off while we went to my 4th aunty's house to eat brunch (breakfast cum lunch) and have a great conversation with my cousins as well. Of course, we also polished off the food that were offered to my 1st uncle. It is considered blessed when you consumed the food being offered.

Mum and I went over to my place and met up with my wife and our young man. He has to go off and mum spoke to my wife while I picked up the mopping task. It is wonderful that they were able to have a long chat while I worked. They have always get along well.

By the time we are ready to move for lunch, as my wife has not taken hers yet, it was 2.30 p.m. already. So, off we went to the Goodwood Park Hotel for their famed high tea. Well, the economy must be doing well as the English high tea was fully booked! So, we went to the Local High Tea instead. We took it easy and slowly eat the various food and sweets while engaging in a relaxing conversation. Truly enjoyed the moment and chill! This is totally cool to be able to do it with mum and wife!!

By the time we head back to the house, we are not interested in dinner anymore!! This is totally understandable unless you are a hungry prisoner who were just released from the prison! So, I went for my 10-km jog to burn away all the foods and sweets that I had consumed since this morning! It threatened to rain but I just put on the running shoes and started jogging to the stadium near our house. It did rained after 20-min and some of the joggers at the stadium stopped while I just continued in the hope that it will stop soon. After another 2km, the rained stopped! I did not missed a beat!! It showed that when in doubt, just do it when the risk of getting more rain is not going to ruin my jogging or harm me as there was no lightning and thunder.

It was an enjoyable jog. I was glad I did it despite the rain.

I fetched mum back to my 2nd brother's home after my shower to end the day with her. I am so totally pleased with the day!!

Simple meals. Great conversation with loved ones in a relaxing environment. Keeping the discipline and focus on practising the holistic healthy lifestyle of exercising (though indulged in 'not eating so right' today).

You can see I don't need much to keep me happy! Cheers.

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