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Friday, February 19, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 19 February 2010

"From rebel nun to Australia's first saint - Fri, Feb 19, 2010 AFP

SYDNEY - Mary MacKillop, who is to become Australia's first saint, was a nun with a rebellious streak who touched thousands of lives as a pioneering educator during the country's rough-and-tumble colonial days.

MacKillop, who started her first school in a disused stable, was briefly excommunicated for insurbordination before personally winning the support of Pope Pius IX for her work setting up dozens of schools across Australia.

Revered for her tenacity as much as her work, MacKillop has been dubbed the 'people's saint' in Australia where her canonisation has been enthusiastically awaited."

I am not a religious person but I liked this story. The rebellious streak resonant with me! I liked also the comments by one of the commentators who said: "She fight for the right, time and time again!"

Lessons for me are:

1. sometimes you have to go against the conventional wisdom and bashed out a new path where there is none to achieve greatness!;

2. tenacity and persistence knowing that you are doing the right things regardless of how much opposition there may be, or how powerful the opposition may be is the way forward to get the result you wanted. A result that will benefit a great number of people and not just for your own fame and fortune, if any!;

3. when you are doing good without any expectation of immediate rewards and recognition, you will be able to maintain the true course. You will not be distracted by frivolous adoration and salutation thrown your way. You will be focused to do the right things so that a great number of people will living a better life the way they see it - through you!! The successes should boost your confidence and hopefully you are humble or realistic to understand that the real successes are achieved due to the people making that decision and execute. You are only the spark that provide the initial push. That is the easy part. Take a bow, bask in the glory - but only for a small part!!

May St. Mary be a shining example to more like-minded young ladies and ladies to be rebellious for a good cause!!

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