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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 12 February 2010

No news headlines to comment on today. Instead I like to talk about my journey in the holistic healthy living and eating again.

10 Feb was my niece's birthday and we went over to have a celebration dinner. Partly also as mum just came back from a 5-mth stay in Auckland, New Zealand, visiting my brother and his family.

I ate a lot. All in all 3kg worth of food!! Pizza, chicken pie, KFC Fried Chicken, and hard boiled eggs and noodles!!

I ballooned to 78kg that night! 1st time hitting 78kg in 2010!! I went for my long jog at more than 8km/hr pace on 11 Feb 2010 evening and brought the weight down to 75kg!! A loss of 3kg! It was a long hard jog for me but definitely worth the effort. Also, I was careful in my intake of food on 11 Feb 2010.

I ended 12 Feb 2010 at 75.6kg as I had a breakfast with my buddy who came back from Tokyo to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with his mum and family. I also took lunch and dinner. So, overall it shows that the holistic healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising regularly, and hard, sometimes, required discipline! When you are slack in discipline, your body will NOT lie!!

It is a constant reminder of what I need to work on. A great way to keep me honest as I weigh myself EVERY DAY. It is all about: 'In-Your-Face' reminder. Reminder to keep working hard as good habit is hard to develop while bad habit is too easy to develop!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all readers and friends who celebrate CNY!!

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