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Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 10 January 2010

No headline to comment upon today. Instead I just want to write about meeting of old classmates of 35 years from Hwa Chong Junior College (HJC) days at the wedding of the son of one of the classmate tonight.

It is a rare friendship that lasted that long. The class tried to meet every year with the effort of mainly 1 or 2 enthusiastic and persistent classmates. Chiam and Teh are 2 of them.

It is Teh's son's wedding banquet that I was attending with my wife tonight and we met all the old classmates, and some of their wives.

I enjoyed the company a lot and was very please to catch some of the classmates whom we missed a lot as they could not attend the earlier reunions for various reasons.

As Maggie Aw suggested some of us are still very much the same 17-year old in our mannerism and styles. This is great as it is not easy to keep to our youthful self as one grows older, and hopefully wiser, having to deal with many type of people and situations that were not as pure and simplistic as issues we faced as students then!

I look forward to meeting up with them again. Maybe at some other classmates' children's wedding dinners or maybe our own regular meeting before the Lunar Chinese New Year!

I am thankful for the friendship of all the years gone by and I look forward to many more good years of catching up and staying connected.

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