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Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 10 December 2009

"Thu, Dec 10, 2009 AsiaOne - Is something wrong with our kids?

A netizen who came across a picture of these teenagers proudly posing with a bus number plate was irked by how proud they were in 'parading the bus number plate like a trophy'."

This type of reporting is getting quite frequent these days. Should we be worrying or it is just what the Western youngsters used to do in the good old days when I was in New Zealand where they took down signages from the University campus or play food fight in the resident halls or whatever?

Lessons for me are:

1. personally I never did understand the needs for those students to do what they did. They were pranks but were they meaningful or just impulses of the youth?;

2. now that the Singaporean youth were taking up these practices, should we be concerned? Should we allowed them to continue and shrug it off or should we try to stop them from ever thinking that these are acceptable by society? I personally goes for stopping them dead in their track! Do not let the silliness grow;

3. will it be cramming the creativity of the youth? I do not think so. There are so many projects for them to work on to create useful things for the less fortunate people in our society. They have outlets for their creativity. They need to know they have the outlets. Just like the Youth Corners at Orchard Road at one time that provide space and avenue for the youth to use their creativity.

May the youngsters who were doing these unproductively creative things look forwards...

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