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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 28 December 2009

"Mentally handicapped Chinese trafficked and killed for compensation in mines accidents - AFP 28 December 2009"

This is horrible crime if the report is true!!

Lessons for me are:

1. what drive these people to actually do this to the mentally handicapped Chinese in China is beyond my comprehension. The motive appeared to be simple: to get compensation for these mentally handicapped deaths!! Money is the motivator! No place for conscience!!;

2. how could a human being do such a thing to another is beyond me! Is it the natural evil in that person or just greed for money? or the money to feed other destructive habits like drug taking? or just to buy another toys or cars or houses? I am sure that these people will pay for their cruelty and crimes eventually. If the money is so easy to make, they will not stop until their crimes are discovered. Hopefully by then the laws will come down hard on them. Or hopefully the laws will catch up earlier with them so that more innocent lives can be spared from this horrible crime!;

3. what about those who agreed to hire these mentally handicapped people? are their crimes not as serious as that of those who 'cheated the mentally handicapped' into such dangerous works? What about those who are not involved directly but are working with these mentally handicapped people knowing that they will NOT be able to fend for themselves or protect themselves or even UNDERSTOOD the dangers they are in? If they kept quiet, they are accomplices too!! A tough call but I am not sure if I am suppressed for a long time under such an environment whether I will have the courage to whistle blow!

A tragic situation in a land that grew tremendously by economic numbers and wanted to be acknowledged as an advance nation simply CANNOT tolerate! Hopefully the authority will take stern actions to punish the perpetrators and ensure that the mentally handicapped people do not continue to be victimized in this manner.

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