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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Daily Lessons from Life 28 November 2009

"At least 28 killed in Bangladesh ferry accident - Sat, Nov 28, 2009 AFP

DHAKA - Rescue workers struggled to find survivors Saturday after at least 28 people were killed when a Bangladesh ferry overloaded with people going home to celebrate a Muslim holiday capsized.

Thousands of frantic relatives crowded the banks of the river Tentulia in the remote southern coastal village of Nazirpura, 250 kilometres from Dhaka, desperate for news of family members.

The ferry was definitely overcrowded with almost 1000 people on board! Authority has taken to notifying ferry operators NOT to overload ferry before every major festivals where hundred of thousands of people moved around the country criss-crossed by over 230 rivers!"

This story is so very familiar with those tragedies you read about ferries capsizing in Indonesia and the Philippines! I just wonder WHY do people take so much risk with their lives just to get home to be with their families and loved ones on over-crowded ferries. Some ferries obviously were built by local yards with no quality assurance of their sea-worthiness!

Lessons for me are:

1. until and unless the commuters themselves are organized and rational, these capsizes and loss of lives will NOT be the last;

2. until and unless the ferries owners realized the price they have to pay in human lives and lost of revenues and, potential, angry vengeance seeked by the victims of those who perished, these capsizes and loss of lives will NOT be the last;

3. until and unless the authorities take stern, drastic and actual actions to prosecute the ferries owners and those who over-crowded the ferries, we will see a repeat of these senseless loss of lives again and again;

4. until and unless the commuters, the owners of ferries, the authorities and the public REFUSED to accept any further loss of properties and lives due to over-crowding of ferries will these senseless loss of lives by prevented.

May the people realized that life is precious and must not be thrown away so cheaply. Any one of the victims who perished could have been some one's spouse, children, siblings, and friends...! Let's keep it from happening again - ever!!

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