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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Daily Lesson from Life 31 December 2008

The Last Day of 2008. What a year. Full of twists and turns. Lots of bad news in the economic front, in the international terrorists continued violence against peace-loving and innocent civilians all over the world, in the despicable greed by international financial advisers/consultants/experts/CEOs who profited big time while burning the firms that let them carry their trades!, in natural disasters all over the world - not least China that had many more disasters than other nations! Etc...

But there were hopes and changes afoot also. The Beijing Olympic successfully held in Beijing, PRC, though a bit too politically colored! The historic election of an African American President for the USA, a fairly messed up nation in the 8-year rein of Bush Jr. Administration, where it lost all international credibility in the military and the financial areas! The heroic actions by people who gave selflessly to save, salvage, restore, and rebuild the earthquake devastated BeiChuan area in China. Etc...

Whatever the year had been. It is going to pass us by. No point lamenting what could have or should have. Accept the dire consequences, even so were not due to our faults, and plan to avoid be in a similar situation again! Learned the painful lesson and prepared ourselves better when we are facing similar scenarios again! It will be tragic if we repeat the same mistake twice!! Or we repeat the mistake of others whom we had witnessed their past wrongs!

Let's look forward to MAKE a tough 2009 a better one as best as we can. Let us recount at the end of 2009 that if things does not work out for whatever reasons, it was not because of lack of trying. If we do not try to make it a better year, it will be a bad year, as everyone seems to be predicting, for sure. If we try to make it a better year, maybe it will!!

I know I for one will be trying my level best and hardest and smartest way to make 2009 work for me, my family, my friends and partners, and the community I live and serve in!

It is back to the basic personal vision: To be a good father, husband, son, and person outside work while to be a professional at work always!

Happy 2009 and all the best to all who read the blog!!

p/s: I know I have started 1 Jan 2009 different from 2008! I went for a jog with my 3 kids, my 2nd brother and his 2nd daughter! We in a way, run from 1 year to the other starting at 31 Dec 2008 1130pm till 1 Jan 2009 2.30am!! Wow!!

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