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Monday, December 1, 2008

Daily Lesson from Life 30 November 2008

This is a catch up as I was not able to use the computer in the evening as I travelled from Hangzhou to Shanghai Pudong Airport after the workshop directly.

A quick note on the 1.5 day workshop for the Hangzhou Technology University (HTU) EMBA program.

I went to share the 7e Way of Leaders as I believe it is a simple to understand and easy to implement systematic approach to developing effective leadership behaviors. Something that Chinese business leaders can use that will benefit themselves and those that they lead.

It is encouraging to see the participants appreciating the concepts and some of the tools I shared with them. I am also happy to see that they enjoyed the interactive and dynamic sharing approach that I am using vs. the normal way of learning in the traditional university lecturer mode.

I look forward to more such opportunities although the monetary rewards are not comparable to other assignments as it is important to find an audience, any audience that I can share and influence. Hopefully it will rub off on them and they take over the spreading of the 7e Way of Leaders method and create a better working environment for themselves and their people.

I know whatever happened is due to they taking actions and I only start the fire.

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