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Friday, December 26, 2008

Daily Lesson from Life 26 December 2008

"Stressed nurses turn prostitutes

Nurses in Queensland say they were overworked and poorly-paid, exhausted and demoralised. -Wed, Dec 24, 2008 The New Paper

THEY claim that they were overworked and poorly-paid, exhausted and demoralised.

So, some nurses have chosen to quit their work in hospitals in Queensland for prostitution, reported The Courier Mail in Australia.

The paper reported one former registered nurse with 10 years' experience, who said that she and at least four of her colleagues found new jobs working in brothels.

The mother of two, who wanted to be known only as Jenna, said: 'We could no longer work in such an understaffed and stressful environment.

'I was overworked, poorly paid and a mistake could have led to charges if I caused a death.

'I came to the conclusion the nursing shortage wasn't my problem but it was my responsibility to protect myself from burning out or making a fatal mistake.'

Jenna told the paper: 'I wear my nurse's uniform to work, I carry my hospital ID. But when I get to work I change. There's a couple of others who do the same.'

Queensland Nurses Union assistant secretary Beth Mohle said the union was aware that there is an exodus of nurses due to workloads and burnout. They are also experiencing record levels of frustration.

'A survey of nurses' attitudes undertaken last year found most nurses love nursing but hate their jobs,' she said.

Health Minister Stephen Robertson said it was disappointing some nurses were seeking alternative careers.

He said: 'Queensland nurses are now among the highest paid in Australia, having benefited from a 26 per cent wage increase since 2006. 'This is one of the factors which has helped us to recruit an extra 5,834 nurses since June 2005.'

Jenna highlighted the 'tiny tea-rooms' for nurses and the lack of recognition they received.

'After the Bali bomb blasts, the burns unit of the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) treated many additional patients. At the end, the doctor was given an award. The nurses got nothing,' she said.

She also revealed how doctors at the RBWH referred to nurses as 'Libra fleurs' - because they believed the floral tops of their uniforms resembled tampon boxes.

But Mr Robertson said the government had created a 'safe and supporting working environment for nurses'.
He said: 'We'll continue to work ... to ensure we have a strong nursing workforce, equipped to give Queenslanders the first-class health care they expect and deserve.' "

A very interesting topic to comment on on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas!

Lessons for me are;

1. people take actions to protect themselves IF they feel that they are not getting it from their employers while at work! And it does not matter what the HIGHER AUTHORITY says about: 'highest pay and giving First-Class health care they expect and deserve'! In this extreme case, they walked! Resigned!;

2. the nurses surveyed revealed that they love nursing but HATE their jobs! People quit because of their FRUSTRATION with perceived 'lack of recognition' (award for doctors but not for nurses), and 'lack of respect' (doctors referred to nurses as 'libra fleurs) despite supposedly higher wages then previously!;

3. opinions can differ greatly between the higher authority and the people who are doing the jobs and feeling the heat and stress. Unless there are trust and respect shown between these 2 groups of people, nothing constructive is likely going to emerge from dialogue, assuming if they even get to talking to each other openly!

Whenever such an extreme situation developed, it is worthy for the people involved to really focused on what could have made 'nurses who loved nursing but quit and become prostitutes'? I am sure the causes, and the root causes, can be found between the nurses, the administrators, the doctors, and the higher authority!

I wish Queensland, Australia people get the 1st class nursing care it demand and expect served up by a bunch of delightful and self-respecting nurses!

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