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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daily Lesson from Life 02 December 2008

No news headline for me today as none on AsiaOne.com site are meaningful to comment on!

Just a bit on my preparation for the Singapore Marathon on 7 Dec 2008 Sunday.

I had been on the road for almost 5 days without any exercises as I was working very long hours and did not want to over-exert myself while on this trip. Also, the cold weather and the lack of proper clothing for jogging contributed to the decision of not exercising on this trip.

As a result I watched what I eat even more carefully to ensure no over-eating at all!! I also took vitamin C tablets to make sure I do not catch a cold from the cold weather and travelling in and out of warm clothing!

I went for my jog/walk this morning at 1020hr along part of the Singapore Marathon route along the East Coast Parkway. I am glad I did it as I jogged for about 80mins and walked for another 40 mins in total. The sun was hot and I really can feel the effect of jogging in this hot condition! My body get tuned in again and this makes me feel more comfortable about the 7 Dec 2008 Sunday race.

Lessons for me are:

1. with a goal in mind, we take the necessary actions to make sure that the attainment of the goal is not jeopardized by our unawareness! We take conscious actions to ensure we are in a position to achieve the goal!;

2. adjusting to the conditions on the ground is very important. I am glad that the vitamin C tablets and the careful eating prevent any development of cold or flu and keeping the weight constant without exercises!;

3. you can never prepared enough! While professional advice is not to train within 2 weeks from the race, I did my last practice jog as I know I had not trained enough! Also, the idle body needs to be reminded of how pain is all about! Running in the hot sun from 1020hr - 1220hr is a good reminder for sure!

I look forward to some worthy news headlines to comment tomorrow while today I just sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of complete the last training jog/walk!

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