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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Lesson from Life 15 November 2008

"Chinese activist arrested
The university professor had he set up an independent political party. -Sat, Nov 15, 2008 AFP

BEIJING - CHINESE police have arrested an activist university professor on charges of inciting subversion after he set up an independent political party, his wife told AFP on Friday.

Guo Quan, a professor at Nanjing Normal University in eastern China and frequent government critic, was
taken into police custody on Thursday, his wife Li Jing said by phone.

Guo formed the China People's Livelihood Party in 2004 - renaming it the China New People's Party late last year - to protect the rights of 'workers, farmers, businessmen, students, and urban residents,' according to Guo's blog, which is blocked in China.

'Police gave his mother an official notice saying Guo is suspected of subverting state power,' Ms Li said. 'Subversion of state power' is a vague charge that critics of China's government say is used by the ruling Communist Party to silence dissenters.

The party retains a steely grip on all political activity in China. It allows eight other parties to exist, but they remain subservient to the interests of the ruling party.

'It is suspected that Guo might have been detained for organising the China Xinmin Party (New People's Party),' China Human Rights Defenders, a network of Chinese and overseas rights activists, said in an emailed statement.

In a recent blog entry, Guo called China's eight other legal parties 'flowers in a vase' meant to give the appearance of democracy in China."

Today's entry will be a short one as it is sensitive and involved internal politic of another country. I do not comment on politic but like to note the following as lessons from life:

1. no matter what our belief may be. No matter how different our opinions may be on certain subject matters. It is always good to be able to express them and to be heard and to be treated as expression of opinions without having to be imprisoned for that. Imprisonment in such cases normally cannot stop the opinions expressed. Only through reason consultation and even acceptance of 'agreeing to disagree' as a plausible option;

2. in real life, due to certain circumstances unique to a situation, the ideal in comment 1 above cannot be had. In such situation, outside interference are normally, and quite naturally, not welcome. So, the ultimate solution can only be found in the country that the incident took place. More people voicing their diverse opinions, more balancing of upheaval vs. stability (this very much depend on the strategic direction and desire of the people of that nation eventually!), etc. Outside forces cannot bring positive change but rather further polarized the divide!;

3. for those in power and who wielded the power vested in them on those who 'disagreed' with them, be aware that if the ideals are logical and natural, it is only a matter of time that more people will recognize them and embrace them. UNLESS those in power listened to the grievances and take steps to correct or improve upon them will they be able to be in power for a longer time. People will embrace those that do the right things always.

Political reform in China is a process. It will take time and only the Chinese can decide which way is the best for themselves and their beloved country.

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