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Monday, November 10, 2008

Daily Lesson from Life 08 November 2008

No headline for 8 November 2008 as I like to share about my journey from Hong Kong (Hkg) to a small town north of Hkg in Shenzhen called Fuyong.

It is a small town with some industrialization i.e. some Japanese factories and others. The population does not looked like 1 million or more type but rather at 200k type.

It has a main street with rows of shops and plenty of people roaming it's thoroughfare on a Saturday. Most are young people who came from various parts of China to work in the factories, restaurants, etc.

What is most eyes catching is a brand new 5-star hotel in the middle of the town. It looks and feel like Hyatt Shanghai and any other 5-star hotels in the big cities of China. It even managed to become the sole welcoming and resident hotel for the 30th World Model from 02-25 Nov 2008! I learned that models from various countries like USA, Brazil, UK, Japan, Serbia, Singapore, etc are competing in this contest. The hotel has a stretched limo and a stretched Hummer at it's front porch!! What luxury!!

The trip is interesting as I took the coach to Huang Gang (a border town with Hkg) and then to Fuyong, which is near the Shenzhen Airport. On the way back from Fuyong, I took the ferry that brought me directly to the Hkg Airport. It seems that this ferry service is one of the most frequently used transportation for folks who travel regularly to China from Hkg and other countries using Shenzhen airport as the airfare is cheaper domestically.

It is not an easy place to work and live in as it is a small town. Unlike Shanghai or Beijing, where we had lived and worked. It is perhaps easier for Singaporeans or Malaysians who used to visit Malaysia small towns as Fuyong is like any one of them.

The key for this trip is to catch up with my old buddy, a man who has taken care of me since my Motorola days, and a man who is sincere and caring. We had a good chat and we also went for a workout at the 5-star hotel gym where we spent almost 1.5 hrs on the treadmill and weights!!

It is another life journey that took me to another interesting place. I am thankful for that!!

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